2021 is the year dedicated to F&V farmers, sustainable farming methods and the ecosystem. So let us know what’s happening to our food plate, our salads and more… Food chain traceability is the current upcoming trend of Agtech. The demand for 100% supply chain transparency has increased multifold globally, compelling food companies to adopt traceability […]

Ways Organic Brands Can Build Trust In 2021

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

Wait ! Is My Virgin Coconut Oil Really Organic? What About My Organic Gluten-Free Chips? Can you trust organic labeled food packets in retail and how food companies are continually striving to build trust with consumers? Let’s dig in and see what we could really do as aware, conscious consumers. A well-organized supply chain, in […]

Read to learn about the agri-food sectoral overview and what we think is trending technology examples in the Agri-Food Supply Chain. Technology can bring change in a flinch – systems, markets, human behavior, and many other things change with the advent of new technology. Likewise, as we speak, technology is transforming the agricultural industry globally. […]

Let’s see how supply chain traceability has helped farmers, suppliers or wholesalers, retailers, and consumers Agriculture is a primary need for any country, and making sure the agriculture industry is as optimized as possible will be of good interest to any nation. When it comes to the growth, storage, transport, and security of agriculture, supply […]

Let’s ring in the New Year with a hot brew of your favourite Coffee and while we are at it, let’s read up what goes on beyond our hot cuppa. Coffee has long been the traditional drink for many and is the second most traded commodity in the world. Innumerous coffee chains and major retailers […]

Nurturing a plant needs the right soil, adequate water, apposite temperature, right fertilizers, and intensive care. How great would it be if a plant could create its ecosystem and take care of itself? You may or may not be familiar with the term ‘Regenerative Agriculture,’ but it is unquestionably the future of agriculture. Regenerative Agriculture […]

In the epoch of technology, where the world has become fast and small, foods remain as organic as ever before. Even though food technologies have made it possible to boost food growth, with the help of growth enhancers and the likes, it has also opened a leeway for adulteration, counterfeiting and food frauds leaving the […]

Produced in millions and millions of tons every year, rice has been a staple food globally. Albeit it is a cumbersome process to produce rice, it demands flooded fields up to several inches and produced using intensive methods that necessitate extreme labor. For feasible and economically viable rice cultivation, it requires higher day-time temperatures but […]

Wouldn’t it be great to know everything about a food item you are about to buy? Wouldn’t it be great to know every bit about the food you’re consuming? Well, that is what real-time food testing at farms and streamlined food chains are all about. Today, food fraud is more a business than a shortcoming […]

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