Study on Unveiling the European Food Safety Act

The European Union has long been known for its rigorous standards when it comes to food safety. Among its legal arsenal, the European Food Safety Act stands out as a comprehensive set of regulations ensuring the safety of food products consumed within its borders. This piece of legislation not only safeguards the health of European […]

International Year Of Millets

Millets, a grain rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, are frequently referred to as “superfoods” due to their great nutritional content. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, India produces many types millets, making up 20% of global output and 80% of production in Asia[1]. It had been the leading staple food […]

Carbon Economy and challenges in carbon farming.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Carbon Economy And Challenges In Carbon Farming.

A low-carbon economy is a system that tries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while operating as a conventional economic system. This structure represents the long-term objective of nations attempting to mitigate the effects of global warming. The transition to low-carbon economies began with the Kyoto Protocol, which required governments to cut their carbon emissions, and […]

Carbon Farming In Africa

Agriculture-related emissions can be reduced through a range of actions, such as increasing the input-use efficiency or using conservation agriculture to capture carbon in the soil. Other activities that can reduce emissions in agriculture include reducing emissions from farming itself. A farmer can obtain carbon credits by participating in a voluntary carbon market and fulfilling […]

Food Traceability Solutions

The idea of traceability is not new. It has been present in varying degrees in a number of supply chains, more so in the B2B sectors where transaction volumes are large. End-to-end traceability, however, was not widely adopted until the pandemic. The presumption up until now has been that the end-user is unconcerned about the […]

Digital Agriculture

It is estimated that by 2050 the population will reach a whopping 9.7 billion people. To feed them, food production must rise by 98%[1]. Moreover, climate change threatens weather-dependent agriculture with irregular rainfall patterns, floods, and droughts. Current food production methods produce 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, worsening climate change[2]. Agriculture has a big […]

Carbon Farming and Small Farmers

The world’s population is predicted to grow to nearly 10 billion in 2050[1]. As the numbers increase, the pressure on the agricultural sector and agricultural producers increases. The responsibility for feeding the world rests with India, the second-largest manufacturer of staple food items like grains, rice, wheat, groundnuts, and fruits and vegetables worldwide. Making up […]

Reduce food wastage with traceability

Friday, June 3rd, 2022

Reduce Food Wastage With Traceability

For a decade, the food industry has worked to trace food from the sea or field to the final consumer. These traceability efforts are growing in popularity. France and the UK have passed laws that hold companies accountable for human rights violations within their supply chains in the last six years. France’s law covers environmental […]

D2D Traceability

  Direct to Customer (D2C) is a booming sector across the globe. However, it also comes with tremendous competition. As per McKinsey & Company, D2C businesses require management changes to concentrate, and enhancing the user experience is one of the most critical factors contributing to success. While e-commerce accounts for just a tiny fraction of […]

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