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SourceTrace in 2022

Traceability: A Guide to getting started

SourceTrace is bringing you a guide that helps you explore if you need traceability and how to achieve it. Whether you are a farmer co-operative, a startup or a food corporation, the questions you never knew who to ask are answered here.


What’s Inside:

  • What is traceability
  • How it works
  • Components of traceability technology
  • Who needs it
  • How to start
    • Farmer cooperative
    • Food/ Ecommerce Startup
    • Corporation
    • Government

Ag-food Toolkit 2021

2021 is a critical year for agriculture and food companies. Not only do you have to mitigate the unprecedented disruption, you also have to meet new challenges in terms of changing global trade landscape and consumer demands. Our Toolkit can help your business.


What’s Inside:

  • 2020: The year of disruption
  • 2021: The year of resolution
  • Why 2021 matters
  • 2021 Survival kit
  • Make small farmer visible
  • Adopt technology to collaborate
  • Share data on food quality
  • Increase transparency to satisfy global trade legislation
  • Share more data with end consumers
  • Make your value chain auditable

Digital Agriculture in Middle East

Middle East region is constantly tackling adverse weather, lack of water for irrigation coupled with an escalating dependency on imports, many countries in the region have taken several measures to ramp up agricultural production to partially address food insecurity. Their Governments are in favor of new technology, collective efforts, and favorable policies for the agriculture sector of the region. They are looking at self-sufficiency from crops, storage, silos, climate-controlled facilities, and even the agri-bots. This whitepaper is a glimpse of what is the current scenario and how the region plans to become sustainable.

What’s Inside:

  • State of Agriculture in the Middle East

  • Impact of COVID-19

  • Impact of Digitization in Agriculture

  • Future of AG & FOOD Technology

Impact of Digital Technologies on Food Trade in Southeast Asia

SourceTrace and The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) organised a webinar on ‘Impact of Digital Technologies on Food Trade in Southeast Asia.’ It brought together thought leaders and change makers from multiple sectors, countries and institutions to discuss how technology is making an intervention in their core areas.


The prestigious panel included the following leaders:

  • Mr. Trieu Thanh Nam (MSc.), Deputy Director, Division of Trade Policy, AgroTrade Authority, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)
  • Mr. Suriyan Vichitlekarn, Executive Director, Mekong Institute
  • Ms. Sheetal Sharma, Soil Scientist,IRRI
  • Mr. Nguyen Duy Thuan, General Director, Loc Troi Group
  • Mr. Grahame Dixie, Executive Director, Grow Asia
  • Moderator: Om Routray, Vice President – Marketing, SourceTrace

Impact of Covid-19 on Agriculture and food security in Africa

Covid has impacted agriculture across the world. But how is it specifically affecting farmers in Africa? What measures are being taken by different organisation to counter the impact? How are agri-businesses and farmer organisations dealing with the disruption? This whitepaper takes a look at all those issues and more.

What’s Inside:

  • Agriculture in Africa

  • Impact of Covid-19

  • Forecasts and trends

  • Measures to mitigate the negative impact of Covid-19

  • World Bank Initiatives

  • Government action

  • Impact of digitization

  • Using digital services to secure essential farm operations

Tracecon - Discussion Summary and Takeaways

Tracecon brought together 23 speakers from a diverse set of global technology, food and agriculture companies as well as representatives from government and industry bodies to talk about traceability. This document presents the summary of discussions.

What’s Inside:

  • Role of technology in food safety

  • Traceability: Solutions and opportunities

  • Boosting exports and role of technology

  • Showcasing early adopters

  • Funding and financing traceability technology

Traceability in 2020

The report documents latest trends in traceability, tracks the regulatory and legislative changes across countries, talks about benefits of blockchain, and takes a special look at its application in India.


What’s Inside:

  • Traceability and global food trade
  • Benefits of Traceability
  • Blockchain-based traceability solutions
  • Traceability & India
  • Sectoral Opportunities and more

About SourceTrace

SourceTrace is a SaaS (Software As A Service) company that focuses on sustainable agriculture and empowerment of farmers.

SourceTrace's advanced technology platform DATAGREEN provides comprehensive solutions to manage all aspects of the agricultural value chain.


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SourceTrace in 2022

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