PCPCL, in association with Source Trace Systems (STS) launches their Integrated Farm Information Systems, which would enable the Farmers’ Start-Up to monitor their operations with state of the art information system and optimise it by right decisions on checks, balances and well informed strategies. Need for integration and technology management in agriculture is important, opined […]

This article was posted by Francesca Ferrario on, the journalist has done a story titled “I was from Telangana, I didn’t know English and was a reservation candidate at college.“ The story talks about “How Venkat Maroju became leader of a global social enterprise “. Please read the article by clicking the following link […]

SourceTrace is Exhibiting / Speaking at “Global Forum for innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) conference in Abu Dhabi on march 9th / 11th 2015. “Global Forum for innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) is aims to deliver measurable impact through a cutting-edge conference and exhibition. GFIA sets out to create a dynamic environment where real solutions are demonstrated, […]

SourceTrace has been invited to participating in “technology for good”, session organized by NASSCOM foundation in the first of it’s kind cohort in Bangalore on March 11th 2015. NASSCOM is aiming to drive thought leadership and to foster interest in the ‘technology for good’ ecosystem, the conference showcase IT and communications based solutions (apps and […]

KN Biosciences Research Foundation with the support of NABARD TDF (Tribal Development Fund) is implementing ‘Maa Thota’ project comprising of fruits crop by the tribal farmers in Dhammapeta Mandal of Khammam district in Telangana. KN envisions empowering the supported tribal farmers with digitization of information and in enabling remote transactions so that the inputs reach […]

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”VAPCOL TARINING”] BAIF Development and Research Foundation envisions to empower NABARD’s supported wadi tribal farmers with digitization of information for ensuring traceability and enabling remote transactions. Towards achieving the objective, VAPCOL proposes to implement Source Trace’s Remote Transaction Solutions: DATAGREEN (DG) for digitization of various processes involved in wadi programme and its associated […]

This article was posted by Prerna Sharma on DataQuest, the journalist has done a story titled “How mobile apps are helping agriculture in achieving sustainable development?“ The story talks about how Technology has become the DNA of every sector and this can also be seen in the agricultural sector. In this regard, SourceTrace addresses this […]

This Article by Online media news channel ” TakePart World ” is talking about “Why Farmers in India Are Committing Suicide—and How a New App Is Poised to Change That”. From 1995 to 2005, India saw a historic number of farmer suicides: more than 30,000. This year, in just the state of Telangana, there have […]

This Article by IGovernment is talking about 12 empowering technologies that would have the greatest impact on India’s economic growth and efforts for poverty reduction. SourceTrace is very glad to share this article on our blog as we build innovative mobile applications which operate at the last mile of agriculture value chain. SourceTrace DATAGREEN (DG) […]

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