Palakkad Coconut Producer’s Company Ltd (PCPCL) Launches Integrated Farm Information System

PCPCL, in association with Source Trace Systems (STS) launches their Integrated Farm Information Systems, which would enable the Farmers’ Start-Up to monitor their operations with state of the art information system and optimise it by right decisions on checks, balances and well informed strategies. Need for integration and technology management in agriculture is important, opined Mr. T.K. Jose IAS, Chairman, Coconut Development Board (CDB) while launching the software at the CDB headquarters in Kochi. He also said that PCPCL is the leader among the 19 coconut producer companies in Kerala and they are the torchbearers who can show the path to the other companies. The software is built on SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, in order to shift the entire investment weightage to shared platforms like cloud technology with strong encryptions by technologically sturdy partners like STS.

Dr.Venkat Maroju, Chief Executive Officer of SourceTrace Systems, which has developed the software solution, which is exclusively designed for Farmer Producer’s Organizations (FPOs), presented the software. Mr.T.K. Jose IAS, Chairman, Coconut Development Board inaugurated the billing system by creating a sale bill and handing it over to Adv.Sibi Monippally, Member, Board of Directors, NAFED. Mr.Vinod Kumar, Chairman, PCPCL; Mr.Joji T. Mathew,CEO, PCPCL; Mr.Satish, Technical Consultant, PCPCL; and Mr.Padmanabhan Bhaskaran, Consultant & Member-Farmer, PCPCL were also present at the function.

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