SourceTrace – ADITI Field Visit

On August 19, 2014, SourceTrace team visited the farmers along with Aditi Inspectors to conduct the ICS in rural Bangalore area. The team visited Madakote village and enrolled the farmers belonging to Sri Mutyalamma Savayava Bhagya Samithi. After completion of the enrollment, the Internal Control System was done on the mobile application. Photographs of the farm and crop were taken to support the inspection reporting. Management received the Internal Control System data in the Bangalore city office in near real time and approved the inspection reports.

The team then visited Kamalapur village and conducted the farmer enrollment and ICS transactions on the field. SourceTrace interest was to provide on field training to the inspectors and show the advantages of using Organic Certifications module over pen and paper. The cooperation from the farmers was impressive and they treated with great hospitality. The farmers were interested to know about the mobile agriculture solutions of SourceTrace.

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