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Julia Third

Avocado & Feijoa Grower & Exporter, Pole to Pole Plus

Julia is the General manager of Pole to Pole Plus, looking after the online channel Freshstore, she also looks after compliance for Pole to Pole and also consulting to other companies for IT and compliance initiatives. Julia has a background in IT transformation project delivery having delivered IT projects in over 25 countries. Using these skills working with their team, fresh supply co and Laava recently delivered some great tech linking consumer down the supply chain to the orchard.

Questions & Answers

Demand for avocados have soared globally. How do you see production keeping up sustainably?

Given the large plantings globally production is meet the demand, however working with Mother nature we are always vulnerable to the elements. Work is underway to explore new markets such as South East Asia and we are starting to see increase in demand here.

What is the scope of application for digital technologies in the avocado value chain?

Using digital technology from orchard to consumer is essential, to drive cost efficient, provide traceability and support DIFOT measures. Direct contact with avocado consumers will be a powerful retail tool for the future. Consumers are demanding more knowledge about where the produce they consume has come from and how it was grown. Digital tech now gives us the ability to provide verifiable data directly to the consumer via the blockchain and distributed ledger tech.

Do you see transparency and traceability being a concern now or in near future?

With increasing compliance requirements and consumer demand, transparency as to how and where food is grown and how it gets to the consumer is essential. We see the need for this and have worked with Fresh Supply co and Laava to invest in this now using the block chain to provide assurance to our customers. Digital tech has the capability to also provide transparency around ethical sourcing of produce and who benefits throughout thew value chain.

How is farming evolving in New Zealand to meet the challenges facing agriculture globally?

New Zealand farmers are resilient and adaptive to change, rising to the challenges faced in the currently evolving environment. Having a passion for the land and future generations helps inform and drive decisions that look 30 years out not just here and now. For the most part we have a fair system that looks after our people and our growing practices are sustainable.

New Zealand is an export nation – this has been achieved out of necessity due to our geography. Staying at the leading edge is critical to our export success.

Finally, coming to food entrepreneurs looking to be participate in the global food trade, what will you advise them?

Map out your value chain and look at your control points along the way investigate how technology can support you to meet these control points and provide information to your customers and consumers.

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