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Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Paper Ltd (TNPL)

TNPL is the largest paper mill in Tamil Nadu with a turnover of more than 2000 crores. The plantation division of TNPL supplies 35per cent of their total raw material requirement of 0.5 million tonnes of pulp wood annually. To become self-reliant and to develop renewable and sustainable plantations in marginal and degraded lands, TNPL plantation division works with more than 9800 farmers having an area of nearly 40,000 acres across Tamilnadu. This provides fair returns to the small and marginal farmers while also making them understand modern technology in pulp wood tree farming.

Though the plantation department has strong man power strength, conventional methods of record keeping, extensive data collection and maintaining paper and file methods consume a lot of energy of field officers and shows up the possibility of losing the history of various planation schemes of the company. The farmers also sometimes may not co-operate with the management as they may not be aware of the market price of the pulp wood. There is always a threat of third party interventions by brokers tempting him to breach the contract and supply good part of the pulp wood to other buyers. Again this information comes to the notice of the management very late or sometimes they may never get this information at all.

In order to overcome these issues in plantation management system and to get the real time statistics and status of the various schemes, TNPL planned to adopt a modern remote data management solution of SourceTrace systems. This software adds transparency in distribution of inputs, monitoring of the plantation and procurement system and strengthens the overall value chain. It also helps the management to get information on filed staff efficiency in the work areas. Their mandated periodical visits to the farmer fields to monitor the plantation helps improve the relationship with the farmers which aids in improved overall performance of the company’s operations.

Problem or need

  • Managing scattered farmer locations and large area.
  • Conventional methods of record keeping, extensive data collection and maintaining paper and file method was cumbersome.
  • Lack of continuous monitoring of the farms and farmers.
  • Non availability of details of yields.
  • Lack of transparency in transactions.
  • Lack of effective communication between company and farmers.

By deploying SourceTrace solutions

  • Real time statistics and status of the various schemes of TNPL became available.
  • Transparency in Details of distribution of inputs and seedlings became transparent and accurately recorded. Seedlings causalities were monitored instantly and replaced.
  • It became possible to estimate the actual yield of f raw material.
  • Regular monitoring of the farmer and field became possible.
  • Timely harvesting of pulp wood prevents leakage in the supply system.
  • Real-time information & analytics of field data became possible.
  • Improved relationship with farmers became possible through effective communication brought about by SourceTrace solution.

About SourceTrace

SourceTrace is a SaaS (Software As A Service) company that focuses on sustainable agriculture and empowerment of farmers.

SourceTrace's advanced technology platform DATAGREEN provides comprehensive solutions to manage all aspects of the agricultural value chain.


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