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Small Farmers Agri-business Consortium – Haryana

SFACH Case Study

SourceTrace is collaborating with Small Farmers Agri-business consortium (SFACH) and Haryana Horticulture Department, deploying its digital solutions to support the horticulture farmers of Haryana. Haryana Horticulture Department is committed to providing a responsive and effective mechanism for the welfare of farmers and farm-based communities and recognizes the need to harness the growing power of Information Technologies for the betterment of life of the farmers and management of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in Haryana. To deploy its digital solution, Source Trace is in the process of creating 100,000 farmer profiles.

Haryana Horticulture Goes Digital With SourceTrace

In order to take advantage of bountiful harvests, SourceTrace’s market linkage solution brings producers and buyers onto a common platform, enabling buyers to procure fresh produce directly from the FPOs and farmers. Some of the crops currently listed by the FPOs are: potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, gourds, citrus fruits and cut flowers. Haryana Horticulture Department encourages potential buyers to register on the SourceTrace portal. Once registered, the buyer, who could be an exporter, a small mandi buyer, or a local retailer, can look up the required produce using filters such as district, crop, variety, grade and FPO, and shall be an effective tool of traceability as well. The quantity of available produce is displayed in real time along with the contact details of the concerned person from the FPO. A prospective buyer can then directly get in touch with the FPO and close the deal.

“SourceTrace solution can contribute significantly to strengthen backward and forward linkage in supply chain of produce/commodities through proper crop management, produce management and direct marketing”, says Dr. Ranbir Singh, Joint Director at Haryana Horticulture Department.

Another difficult problem that the farmers face is the lack of timely advice on managing pest and diseases. SourceTrace launched a farmer app that connects farmers with experts for crop-based advisory. To help farmers utilise the app effectively, SourceTrace has designed it keeping in mind the need for flexibility and easy access to experts. To this end, the app works in the local language Hindi as well. The farmer would first need to download it from Google App Store and install it on an android mobile. Once registered, the farmer gets access to the pests and diseases menu. Pictures of major pests and diseases are preloaded into the system, in collaboration with and approval of Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR). In case it matches with the pest/disease that the farmer encounters in the field, ready recommendations are available. If not, the farmer can click a picture of the affected plant and upload it with comments. This information is directed to the expert or scientist from the agriculture department, who responds with an advisory delivered through SMS to the farmer.

SourceTrace’s digital platform connects farmers to FPOs and to its corresponding clusters in the state of Haryana.The platform provides the Haryana Horticulture Department with a complete overview of clusters/FPOs/farmers.  The details include real-time data on crop, production, input application and schemes valid.  The platform also acts as a vehicle for the Department of Horticulture to deliver information on schemes, benefits and advice to farmers through the farmer app.  Lastly, the platform also enables the FPO to aggregate the produce of the member farmers and sell to potential buyers.  Due to the availability of large volumes of produce, the FPO is able to negotiate for a higher price in the market.  

As a next step, SourceTrace proposes to establish a payment gateway using its DATAGREEN platform, through which orders for horticulture produce can be placed and for transfer of payment from buyer to producer, thus becoming a one-stop digital platform with multiple solutions.

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SourceTrace is a SaaS (Software As A Service) company that focuses on sustainable agriculture and empowerment of farmers.

SourceTrace's advanced technology platform DATAGREEN provides comprehensive solutions to manage all aspects of the agricultural value chain.


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