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In the rapidly evolving world of agriculture technology (AgTech), SourceTrace has emerged as a leading player, driving innovation and bringing modern technologies to the forefront of the agriculture sector. With a strong emphasis on ensuring food security and promoting farmers’ prosperity, SourceTrace has been instrumental in creating exemplary success stories in India and putting the country on the global map. SourceTrace’s commitment to bridging gaps in the agriculture sector is evident through its comprehensive suite of solution to digitize agriculture/food value chains and its footprint in various agricultural domains. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key areas where SourceTrace has made a significant impact.

Horticulture and Cotton

SourceTrace has played a pivotal role in digitizing the Haryana Horticulture Department, enabling a knowledge-based farming community through extensive use of information technology. This initiative aims to provide better farmer services, connect farmers to clusters and farmer-producer organizations (FPOs), and create linkages for FPOs to markets, producers, exporters, and processors. By deploying SourceTrace solutions, Haryana horticulture has witnessed improved access to real-time data on farmer details, enhanced connectivity with input manufacturers, and streamlined marketing linkages for FPOs. In addition, farmers are equipped with mobile applications to provide them with good agricultural practices at their fingerprints and also communicate and seek advice from the experts. Furthermore, SourceTrace has made significant contributions to the cotton value chain through partnerships with renowned organizations such as Chetna Organic Producer Company. By  deploying SourceTrace’s DATAGREEN platform, Chetna has achieved enhanced traceability in the organic cotton value chain. Real-time data collection, accurate information monitoring, and digitization of the organic internal control system (ICS) have enabled Chetna to ensure transparency in production, procurement, and the flow of goods throughout the value chain. This has not only improved social and environmental practices but also strengthened Chetna’s credibility as a trusted source of organic cotton.


Collaborations in High-Value Commodities and Spices

SourceTrace’s impact extends beyond horticulture and cotton. In the realm of high-value commodities, SourceTrace has collaborated with global leaders such as Firmenich for crops like jasmine and mint and Griffith Foods for Chilli and turmeric in India. By leveraging SourceTrace’s platform, these collaborations have achieved traceability, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the produced flavors, perfumes, and spices. Such collaborations are crucial for maintaining consumer trust and establishing a sustainable supply chain in these industries

Success Stories: Subsidy Input Distribution and Grain Marketing in Africa

In Nigeria, SourceTrace’s DATAGREEN platform has been utilized to support the Central Bank of Nigeria’s flagship Anchor Borrower program, digitizing the input subsidy distribution process. With the platform’s features like farmer profiling, QR code scanning, and transparent record-keeping, more than 200,000 farmers have been digitized, and 60,000 farmers have availed input subsidy benefits. In Zimbabwe, SourceTrace’s EFIS-GMB system has revolutionized the grain marketing sector. The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has leveraged SourceTrace’s platform to manage loans, procure grains from registered farmers, and facilitate digital payments. GMB’s collaboration with SourceTrace has streamlined operations, ensured fair trade, and enabled faster and accurate payments.

Unique Features of SourceTrace Platform

SourceTrace’s platform offers a range of unique features that empower farmers, organizations, and stakeholders across the agricultural value chain. These features include:

In-depth Farm Level Insights: The platform provides comprehensive farmer profiling, geospatial information, and certification inspections, enabling better decision-making and resource management. Asset Light Model: SourceTrace’s mobile app and userfriendly dashboard offer an asset-light solution for digitizing and streamlining agricultural operations, making deployment fast and hassle-free.

End-to-End Monitoring: From procurement and storage to logistics and retail, SourceTrace’s platform enables stakeholders to track every detail of the supply chain, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Customizable for Every Commodity: SourceTrace’s platform is highly flexible and can handle the complexities of any agricultural value chain, catering to diverse commodities and their specific requirements. SourceTrace’s comprehensive suite of solutions, successful case studies, and unique platform features have positioned the company as a trailblazer in AgTech. With its relentless focus on driving innovation, ensuring food security, and empowering farmers, SourceTrace continues to create a positive impact on Indian agriculture and the global agricultural landscape.

Traceability Management: Empowering Agriculture Value Chains The company also offers advanced features for traceability management and financial services, empowering agriculture value chains and improving efficiency throughout the process.

Traceability Management: SourceTrace’s platform incorporates robust traceability management features to ensure transparency and accountability across the supply chain. Key functionalities include:

GPS Tracking: By tracking the current location of the produce through GPS technology, SourceTrace enables stakeholders to have real-time visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain. Integration with Digital Payment Systems: SourceTrace’s platform seamlessly integrates with digital payment systems, facilitating faster and more accurate payment processes for farmers, reducing delays and improving financial efficiency.

QR Code and Barcode Labels: The platform supports batch printing of QR code and barcode labels for farmer and farm identification, enabling easy traceability and verification of produce. Digitization of Farmer Organizations and Procurement

Transactions: SourceTrace’s platform facilitates the digitization of various farmer organizations and farmer groups, streamlining procurement transactions and recording the place of procurement, enhancing transparency and efficiency. Forecasting and Planning: Using yield estimation, crop area, and crop calendar data, SourceTrace’s platform enables users to forecast volumes and plan harvest schedules, optimizing production and logistics.

Real-time Supply Chain Visibility: SourceTrace provides complete visibility of the supply chain, from farm to retail outlet, on a real-time basis, enabling stakeholders to track and monitor the movement and status of produce throughout the value chain.

SourceTrace's software solutions have been deployed across 37 countries and 4 continents already. We are on a mission to make agriculture and food systems more sustainable. Get in touch and we will extend our expertise and commitment to you.

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SourceTrace's advanced technology platform DATAGREEN provides comprehensive solutions to manage all aspects of the agricultural value chain.


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