Revolutionary Traceability from Farm to Consumer – TraceNext

Revolutionary  Traceability from Farm to Consumer – TraceNext

Tracing food origin and chain of custody, transparent quality testing to monitor ethical and sustainable practices in delivering safe food to consumers.

Defining the Need:

Global food processing and manufacturing giants are paying much attention to research in ensuring the quality of farm produce and food safety. Undeniably, earmarking the quality of the agro-produce is crucial to the entire cycle and value chain of food processing. Also, more and more consumers are reading the labels just before consumption and need assurance of food safety.

The way forward for the Global Food Industry which is a $2.4 Trillion Industry is surely worth protecting. Over one billion people worldwide work in agriculture generating $2.4 trillion for the global economy. Imagine, if these farmers have technology at their farms to access the qualitative and quantitative measurements of agricultural produce, without any physical, chemical, thermal and mechanical damages to the crop. To make this realise into almost instantaneous non- destructive, non-contact crop assessment right at the source is made possible by a revolutionary digital intervention – ‘TraceNext’.

Revolutionary  Traceability from Farm to Consumer – TraceNext

TraceNext brings immense value to multiple commodity value chains, ensuring various aspects like

  • Trace food origin and chain of custody

  • Monitor ethical and sustainable practices used in growing the food

  • Complete value chain traceability – from farm to consumer

  • Legal and compliance norms

  • Instant quality testing on trade and safety parameters

  • Instant trade decisions without any delays and dependencies

  • Ensure Blockchain and Fair-Trade practices in commodity supply chains

Tracing the diversity and abundance of the parameters for qualitative features of agro-products using the technology, accurately measuring and recording data at the field to ensure best returns to the farmer. Instilling a fair and ethical, sustainable practices, realtime quality testing and traceability from Farm to Consumer is path-breaking.

While SourceTrace solutions are ensuring secure Blockchain traceability for the entire chain of custody for Agri and food produce. Fairtrade practices, Quality assurance and authentic data capturing using AI-enabled testing methods is transformational in the space of agri-food quality and safety worldwide.

Indian Scenario:

As per FSSAI data released in 2019, 3.7% of the samples collected and analysed were found unsafe, 15.8% sub-standard and 9% samples had labelling defects out of a total of 1,06,459 samples were analysed. With the Ministry of Commerce & Industry introducing the Agriculture Export Policy, in the year 2018. The policy prioritized the integration of Indian agricultural products with the global value chain and doubling agricultural exports from the country to US$ 60 billion by 2022. These coupled with a high rate of rejections of food for exports and countless waste of food and Agri produce, where a few countries as dying of famine and severe food shortages.

Global Scenario:

Food retailers across the world are also increasingly demanding certifications of suppliers according to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) schemes – an industry-driven initiative that guides food safety management systems necessary for safety along the supply chain.

Meanwhile, wastages of the food product are to be considered, it is appalling to note the millions of tonnes of food wastage due to incapacities of cold chains and inefficient production and planning. The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), US, indicated that about 300 million tonnes of produce are wasted annually through deficient refrigeration worldwide. In the US alone, the food industry discards USD 35 billion worth of spoiled goods annually.

Many leading food majors like Nestlé and Carrefour are enabling end consumers to access safety data for Mousline purée in France using blockchain. Also recently, Italy’s Spinosa launched Blockchain-certified Mozzarella, Australia is enabling Chinese buyers of its beef to view complete details of the meat via a blockchain platform BeefLedger. Additionally, most countries are looking inwards and acting upon the preservation of food products and streamlining supply chain via integration of seamless blockchain-based traceability across the entire food value chain, right from the farmer to retailer.

The Most Sought after Solution:

As the billions worth of food is subjected to non-existent complete value chain solutions, leading to losses across each of stages like procurement, trade, storage, production and consumption. Digitization of such value chain towards making food safe, trackable and of desired consumer quality, needs to be accelerated and implemented at a much faster pace than ever.

SourceTrace is a globally leading name in traceability and has already implemented solutions across diverse sectors such as fruits and vegetables, organic cotton, vanilla, aquaculture, flavours and fragrances, spices, honey and more. Working across 28 countries since 2013, SourceTrace’s DATAGREEN platform helps companies track their produce from global locations across all stages while maintaining complete transparency and assurance of quality.

Revolutionary  Traceability from Farm to Consumer – TraceNext

AgNext solves the problem of quality, bringing the best of the technology world for agribusinesses. Using state of art technologies in computer vision, spectroscopy and IoT, AgNext has created the singular platform QUALIX, through which trade quality and safety parameters for multiple commodities could be assessed in a minute, enabling agribusinesses to leapfrog their procurement and operations processes, optimise costs, provide traceability, sharpen and smoothen blockchains and most importantly produce excellent products of the highest quality for consumers and ensure fair-trade practices with farmers.

Combining their technology solutions, AgNext and SourceTrace have signed an MoU and created an indigenous technology platform, TraceNext: first time in history, a solution that will provide complete value chain traceability with an assurance of quality from the Farm Gates to the Consumer.

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